PAOLO PAGANO is Area Leader at the National Inter-University Consortium for Telecom-munications (CNIT) in Pisa, Italy. From October 2015 he is also the Director of the CNIT laboratory on advanced sensing and networking in sea ports in Livorno. His research ac-tivities have a specific focus on IoT and Mobile Networks. He is responsible of public and private research grants in the domain of Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Plants. He is participating (on behalf of CNIT) to the ETSI standardization committees for Intel-ligent Transportation and Maritime Digitalization. From September 2018 he is member of the Working Group “Smart Roads”, Technical Committee on Autonomous Driving at the World Road Association. From June 2021 he is the vice-chairman of the ETSI ISG CDM (European Common Information Sharing Environment Service and Data Model). 

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