Ongoing projects


CNIT is collaborating with the Port Authority in extending the portal towards new services (especially for rail and Ro-Ro traffic) while guaranteeing its evolution towards the most interesting EU practices. Generally speaking, major maritime carriers are demanding improvements in the efficiency of port operations. Cargo carried by ships must be loaded and unloaded quickly with minimal stopover time in the port. This is driving the implementation of more efficient processes and the reorganization of technologies in the terminals: connected platforms, cloud-based services, service-oriented architectures (SOA), sensors and other IoT technologies (M2M), augmented reality (AR), autonomous transportation, next generation mobile networks (5G) and blockchain-based technology.

Vessel Operators are managing vessel operations in the deep sea by means of on-board and cloud-based technologies. When moving towards port waters the vessels end up into a jungle of un-harmonized local dependencies that are slowing down the process of letting vessels more autonomous.
CNIT is collaborating with the Port Authority in the development of enhanced services targeting to vessel personnel (notably captain, pilot, officers and the crew) in the domain of vessel traffic management and maneuvering in port waters. 

By means of 5G technology it will be possible to connect the vessel to the port network infrastructure as early as possible so that the port can provide real-time information about wind and waves to allow the captain to properly implement the berthing maneuver. Detailed cartographic views and high-definition maps can be transmitted over-air to the incoming vessels.

On the other hand the line operator can inform the port authority about failures in the machinery and eventually it can request support to ashore to be assisted in the approaching maneuver. CNIT is following this activity from the perspective of Research and Development, standardization in the framework of ETSI institutional activities and in cooperation with the Italian Coast Guard.