Welcome to the JLAB-Ports website!

CNIT is deeply involved in Research & Development for maritime technologies. JLAB is committed in the digital transformation of the Port of Livorno, targeting to be lean, agile, resilient, and green, capable of providing high capacity and sustainable growth, aligning with the different European models for circular economy.

The work performed by CNIT is oriented to first collect the requirements from the communities and then make progress in concretizing the Port of the Future. Livorno port is considered as an international reference for the digital assets designed and validated by CNIT. The prototype 5G network is considered a best-in-class example for industrial ports. By means of international standardization CNIT is willing to export the Livorno model to Europe and beyond. 

From Q1/2023 JLAB is located in the fascinating scenario of the “Dogana d’Acqua“, recently restorated by the City Council.

The activities led by the City Council through the Research Campus of “Dogana d’Acqua” can be consulted here.