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As ICT innovation is considered the turnkey to enable Industry 4.0 processes and pave the ground to sustainable growth, the Port Network Authority of the North Tyrrhenian Sea has started a strategic collaboration with the Italian National Inter-university Consortium of Telecommunications (CNIT) to define and implement a “Digital Agenda” for the port network.

On one hand the port infrastructure can be used by CNIT for R&D purposes, on the other hand the port communities (both industries and institutions) will be offered a roadmap for innovating their equipment, functions and processes.

The elements at the basis of the digital agenda are the following:

  • Adopting a standardized cloud architecture for the ICT services offered to the port communities and assist the authority in the migration process of legacy systems, avoiding discontinuities;
  • Collaborating with the authority in the continuous process of gathering application-layer requirements from the final users guaranteeing the compliance with the standard architecture;
  • Integrating added-value services as ICT prototypes, exploiting the results obtained by EU projects, then assist the Authority in releasing the final user services by interacting with the industrial providers selected by tenders.

The information systems of the port of Livorno are currently undergoing a deep digital transformation.

To respond to new port requirements, an approach based on the usage of monolithic and technological solutions difficult to scale, has been descoped.