PhD students

M.Sc. Andrea Tesei received his master's degree in Computer Science and Networking in 2017 from a jointly Program offered by the University of Pisa, and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. From 2016 to 2018 he was envolved in industrial design and development activities related to a complex distributed system named eXplora that enables cognitive parallel computing, big data analytics, natural language processing, speech recognition, and process mining. He was part of the team responsible for the infrastructure design and also for the security aspects of the final product exposed to the end users. He joined CNIT in 2018 as Security Researcher and he started his PhD focused on the security aspects of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems with particular reference to Blockchain-based Vehicular Public Key Infrastructure, and Misbehavior Detection Entity.

In 2018, Domenico Lattuca reached his master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineer at the University of Palermo. From February 2019, he works at CNIT (National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications) as research collaborator where he’s involved in different national and international projects related to different actual and future topics. One of the main project in which he currently works is COREALIS that envisage the installation of a 5G network within the Port of Livorno to improve the loading/unloading containers’ operations and to enhance the operators movements inside the yard by devices (AR visors and tablets) connected to the 5G network mentioned. His PhD project is based on the Misbehavioral Detection of anomalous behaviors of entities within a Cooperative Intelligent Transport System using the Port of Livorno as testbed.